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April 25, 2008

Enterprise 2.0 – even some accountants get it

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My peers from Australia are commitment to innovative business ideas.  One such example is the adoption of Enterprise2.0 and Web2.0 in a business that is more frequently associated with conservative accountants.

So going back to the Internal Audit pitch I mentioned in a previous post.  Much to my surprise our proposal included innovative ideas on use of Enterprise2.0 and Web2.0.  Not only was this the last thing that I had expected in a proposal for internal audit but also to my surprise the lead audit partner was articulate, knowedgeable and enthusiastic about Enterprise2.0.  In fact this enthusiasm went as far as the Australian team developing a prototype wiki and blog to demonstrate how we would work with the client in a modern collaborative model.

This clearly demonstrated to me that our team in Australia had fully understood the potential impact and uses of Web2.0 technologies and Enterprise2.0 thinking. Internal audit is at its core a collaborative activity, client and consultant work together to review and provide a degree of challenge to the actions of a management team. What better way to get client and consultant working together than through a Web2.0 platform. A wiki through which reports can actually be developed by a virtual team, online environments to share experiences and to capture knowledge and learning, blog sections to allow the open sharing of knowledge and the discussion of critical issues.

As you can tell I was very impressed by both the thinking and the commitment. A few of my team have approached my about the use of Facebook as a business tool. Clearly I am very supportive and in true Enterprise2.0 style I am not applying any controls or structures onto what they are developing. The power of Enterprise2.0 is that it develops and changes in a way that makes most sense to the participants. I will no doubt put up a post when my team has something to show for their curiosity.

In the meantime if anyone is interested check out Ning and create your own social network.



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