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April 18, 2008

Multi-disciplined teams (again)

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I know I have written about this before however I had such a great experience recently that it warrants a little more discussion. 

I was recently drafted into a team to present a pitch to a client for internal audit work.  My initial reaction to this was to groan.  Not only was I very busy but internal audit is something that I do not really have a passion for.  If I was to spend my evenings preparing I would rather it be on something that excites me.  Needless to say I got over myself and put as much as I could into the presentation.

The process by which we brainstormed the content was by no means optimal however when we all managed to get together for our rehersals something magic happened.  Not only did we gel as a team but we also started to see the opportunity from each others perspective.  As we talked through the presentation content we all started to develop a more robust understanding of the client’s issues and their vision.  Not one of us had a complete and comprehensive picture until we came together, each with our own experiences, opinions and areas of expertise.

We pitched up on the day for our presentation and suprised even ourselves.  We had passion, insight, perspective, wisdom and showed that we were a tight team and were committed to the client and their vision.  One of our team had a quote (see below) that unfortunately hit the cutting room floor during rehersals.  I thought that it was great so here it is.

“When our views come from a common source we are likely to be surprised together – and with greater magnitude and impact.  Things work best when we are busy forming our own independent views and sharing these with our colleagues”


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