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April 14, 2008

Discovery vs. experienced based processes

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I have for a while been thinking about ‘process centric’ consulting.  This form of consulting is particularly good for solving problems that are unique and advice based.  In this situation the consultants value comes from the fact that they have a process or methodology to solve a particular problem.  This approach has been the bread and butter for consultants for years. 

From time to time a problem appears that requires a different approach.  Most often this is the result of a well known or common problem presenting itself to the client.  In this case the client values the consultants experience.  Where have you done this before?  What solutions should I be evaluating?  These are the questions that indicate that you have stumbled into one of these situations.

Applying a process centric method to these problems can really frustrate a client.  They can percieve this approach as learning on the job, of taking too much time, of being unsure and uncertain. 

It is clearly important to recognise the situation you are in, apply the right approach and make sure that the team you have deployed on the problem is appropriate to the problem itself.

In summary: 

Process based problem solving model looks like this:

  • investigate-interview-analyse-recommendation

Experience based problem solving model looks like this:

  • hypothesis/expectation-current state-gaps-recommendation

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