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April 9, 2008

How strong are your convictions

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It is very easy to say that you stand for something or believe in something. Somewhat harder to demonstrate it.
Having recently sustained an injury as a result of a mountain bike accident I could no longer ride my scooter to work.  While contemplating my injury I also spent some time reconsidering the scooter as an transport option.  Quick, efficient, low environmental footprint it may be but it is also dangerous as they say it is only a matter of time before you are an unwilling participant in a serious accident.

So here I am, about to give up the scooter and being confronted with what next. 

I am quite open in my views on sustainability and have in the past promoted public transport.  The scooter has however provided a way for me to promote my sustainability views while still having the convinience of private transport.  

Are my views for real or are they just for show?  This was the question that I put to myself when I evaluated my choices.  So where have I ended up?  While my current situation ‘forced’ me to take a bus, it transpires that it is not that bad.  In fact it is remarkably efficient.  It has even provided an opportunity for me to clear e-mail in an otherwise jam-packed day.  I have therefore decided that between the bus and cityhop (car pool scheme) my transportation needs are satisfied.  Clearly there will be occasions where timeliness is a priority and when this is so I plan to travel by taxi.

I guess this means that my convictions are reasonably strong.  Time will no doubt test and challenge these convictions however.  In this case time will most certainly tell.


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