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March 12, 2008

Multi-disciplinary Teams

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I have recently started work as part of a multi-disciplinary team through the Committee for Auckland.  While I have been in similar named teams in a business environment the disciplines represented are typically the many disciplines of business.  This group is truely different combining people from business, government, healthcare, engineering and creative disciplines.

The mandate of this team is to bring people together to work on issues that relate to the Auckland region.  While the team is still forming it is clear that working within a multi-disciplined team is both rewarding and challenging. 

Rewarding – getting insights into how different people think about issues, opening your eyes to the talents of others, better understanding of talent across disciplines

Challenging – having your views challenged from a perspective you know little about, getting people focussed on a single goal, translating insights into action

These challenges have been overcome before and no doubt the team that I am working with will come through early teething problems.  My experience thus far is giving me a better understanding of how IDEO (widely recognised as one of the worlds most innovative companies) works.  They have a concept of t-shaped people (broad and deep. Broad in their skills and interests and able to work with a wide range of people. Deep in their knowledge and experience in one or more disciplines) and cross-functional collaboration.

Time will clearly tell and I am hoping that I will be able to apply my experience in ways to improve how I work with clients and with my workmates in the future.   


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