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March 10, 2008

Meetings, we should be good at these

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Meetings are the lifeblood of so many organisations.  Given the large number of meetings that we all have on a daily/weekly basis I am constantly amazed how ineffective meetings can be.  While there is some difference in meeting cultures between organisations too often meetings fail to deliver.  Meeting crimes I most commonly see include:

1.  Standing meetings with no formal agenda (even I am guilty of this from time to time)

2.  Meetings where the organiser hands control to the participants (no better way to have a talk fest)

3.  Ignoring calendar responses relating to attendance (why use the tool if you ignore what comes back to you)

4.  Poor closing of the meeting (often results in high attendance and poor outcomes)

For those interested Peter Drucker had a lot to say about meetings.  He observed that for middle managers 20 – 30% of a day could be spent in meetings.  Drucker had a talent for raw and honest analysis of issues.  Meeting management was one area where his simple observations really resonate.  A simple reflection of how we all manage and participate in meetings through Drucker’s critical lens is a humbling experience.


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