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March 8, 2008

Proudly Found Elsewhere (PFE)

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Listening to a podcast the other day I was introduced to a new term, proudly found elsewhere. It seems that Procter & Gamble have gone through some sort of cultural transformation. Having recognised that their culture was predominantly Not Invented Here they have set about changing their culture. As summarised in the podcast P&G realised that their strategic advantage came from their ability to take products to market. They realised that it did not really matter where the idea came from and that despite the size of their company there are more creative and talented people outside of their organisation than within it.

This idea resonated with me. Consultants tend to trade on three things.
1. Ideas
2. Experience
3. Approach

Recognising that there is plenty of ideas outside ones own organisation is quite liberating, particularly if you have the confidence to apply them in your work. Instead of waiting for a new methodology or approach to be chiseled into stone in the global methodology temple we should appreciate that our job is to take ideas no matter where they originate from and apply these the best we can to address our client’s issues.


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  1. The next challenge will be for organizations to harness this external wealth of ideas. How do organizations extract this information? Through Blogs? Social Networks? Other Social Media… Interesting TED Talk discussing this concept of cognitive surplus

    Comment by Federico Herrera — November 25, 2010 @ 1:57 pm | Reply

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