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March 6, 2008

Consultants, a higher life form?

Filed under: perceptions — grantfrear @ 2:30 am

As a consultant at times I may be accused of believing that I am some higher life form.  While being a consultant requires a great deal of confidence in ones own ability at times you are presented with something that humbles you. 

For me today that was being refered to as a vendor. 

To my ears the word vendor is like nails down a blackboard.  It produces visual images of someone overtly selling a tool or product, perhaps even a used car or approaching a client with a price/order book ready to sell. 

The title consultant however is something that should be respected, someone that has the client’s best interests at heart, someone who is there to help and advise.  Yes, a much higher life form than a vendor.

Needless to say through the clients eyes sometimes the difference cannot be seen.  So here I was today, a vendor at a vendors presentation.  Swallowing my pride and presenting to a room full of people with all the enthusiasm and confidence I could muster.  Where possible I tried to give them a glimpse of what it would be like to work with me the consultant, not the vendor, and the advice I would provide them.

Perceptions are easy to form and hard to change.  Today I was a vendor, perhaps tommorow I will be their consultant.


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